Honey Shroom

Honey Shroom
Appearances Paper Mario,Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door,Super Paper Mario
HP Restored 5/5/10
FP Restored 5/5/10
Damage Dealt 0

The Honey Shroom made its first appearance in Paper Mario and would return in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and Super Paper Mario. It can be made by mixing a Mushroom or Volt Shroom with a Honey Syrup. When it is used, it can heal five HP and five HP while being sold for ten coins.

Zess T. will make the Honey Shroom for free when she is first given the Cookbook.

In Super Paper Mario, Dylliss would require a Shroom Shake, and a Honey Jar to make this item. When used, it restores ten HP and cures poison.


[edit] Recipes

[edit] Paper Mario

[edit] Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

  • Mushroom + Honey Syrup = Honey Shroom
  • Volt Shroom + Honey Syrup = Honey Shroom

[edit] Super Paper Mario

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