Head Waiter

Head Waiter
Head Waiter.jpg
Head Waiter as shown in Mario Party 5.

Head Waiter is a Duel Minigame appearing in Mario Party 5. Players must take turns passing the bomb, in the shape of Bowser's head. The timer on the bomb begins at the number 9. Each time the player passes the bomb, they can either decrease the counter by 1 or 2. The player who decreases the timer to zero, will cause the bomb to explode, losing the minigame and the other player will win.

The catch with this minigame is that after both players passed the bomb once, the number displayed on the timer turns into a question mark. Therefore, it's impossible for players to figure out how close the timer is to zero.

[edit] Controls

  • A - Decrease the counter by 1
  • B - Decrease the counter by 2
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