Grinders are metal discs that can be found in fortresses and castles in Super Mario World. Two types of Grinders can be found, line-guided and non-line-guided. The line-guided will travel along a dotted line while the non-line-guided Grinders will travel across the floor. They cannot be jumped on, but can be defeated by a Slope Slide. Mario and Luigi can Spin Jump on them, which allows them to not take any damage from the Grinder.

They would also appear in Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, in the Mario Zone.

Grinders would re-appear in Yoshi's Story in the Mecha Castle, Lift Castle and in Magma Castle. Some of them are stuck to the walls and will need to be jumped or crawled past to continue on.

In Super Mario Galaxy 2, Grinders would appear in the Puzzle Plank Galaxy and the Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy. They would cut the planks of wood before falling off. Mario will have to go on certain parts of the planet before the Grinder starts moving.

They are set to appear in the upcoming Super Mario 3D Land game.

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