Grand Canal

Grand Canal

Overview of the Grand Canal board map.

Game board is in Mario Party 7
Difficulty Level Easy
Star Space type Standard
Green Space Effect Varied
Availability Available from the start.

Grand Canal is one of the boards from Mario Party 7. On this board, there are many singing Shy Guys who are located at the Orb Shops and various other attractions. There are quite a few Green Spaces on the board that can trigger varying events depending on which one you land on.

The first Green Space features Shy Guys that will throw out coins for the player to get. However, there are also Spiny eggs mixed in that the player must avoid while collecting the coins. The Green Spaces next to the Gondola Houses triggers an event where a singing Shy Guy will ask if the player wants a ride to the other Gondola House. Replying with "yes" will allow the player to get a ride to the other side while collecting coins along the way. The Green Space on the tall tower near the top of the board will cause it to tip over and a Cheep-Cheep will squirt the player back to the start space. The one in front of the juggling Blooper allowed the player to play a game of sorts. Blooper would juggle around 4 chests. The contents were a Star, 10 coins, a Dark Star, and nothing. Finally, the 2 Green Spaces located near the top of the board on a bridge-like structure would cause the bridge to launch any players on it to random areas of the board.

During Bowser Time, one of 3 things would occur:

  • Bowser takes a photograph of everyone and makes each player pay a 10 or 20 coin fee. He leaves without forking over the photo.
  • Bowser crushes and Orb Shop and replaces it with his own(named Bowser City) Koopa Kid then throws the next passerby into the shop for Bowser to sell them a pointless item or Koopa Kid Orb for 20 coins.
  • Bowser hops into the Koopa Clown Car and uses Bob-ombs to destroy all the bridges and replace them with bridges that have only Bowser Spaces.

In Solo Mode, the player would have to get 2 Stars before the opponent. Stars would be worth 20 coins and be at random places on the board like in Party Mode.

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