Madame Goombella
Species Goomba
Role Sidekick, Playable character
Relations N/A
First Appearance Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Latest Appearance Super Smash Bros. Brawl (as a Trophy)


[edit] Background

Mario's first party in the The Thousand-Year Door. She is very smart and sassy. She also studied at University of Goom.

[edit] Goombella's Uses

Much like Goombario from the first Paper Mario, Goombella will use her tattle ability to tell Mario about the people he meets, enemies and locations you go to.

[edit] Attacks

Attack Flower Points Needed Effect To Attack Move Ranks
Headbonk 0 Bonks single enemy, like Mario's Jump. Press A right before landing. Initial
Tattle 0 Reveals enemy's description and stats, previously Tattled enemies have visible HP. Outside of battle, she can tell Mario about the people he meets and the places he visits. Align the cursor with Goombella's target. Initial
Multi-Bonk 3 Much like Mario's Power Bounce, bonks an enemy multiple times until the player misses an Action Command. Press A each time before landing on an enemy. Super Rank
Rally Wink 4 Gives Mario a second turn in battle. Tap the A button to the fill the gauge. When it reaches OK, tap the B button. The player might have to press the A and B buttons after, watch the screen. Ultra Rank

[edit] Other Information

  • Makes a cameo in the Nintendo Monopoly board game.
  • When Goombella tattles on Piders and Arantulas, she seems to be an arachnophobe.

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