Species Goomba
Role Sidekick, playable character
Relations Goomba, Goombaria
First Appearance Paper Mario
Latest Appearance Super Paper Mario (as a Catch Card)


[edit] Background

Goombario is Mario's first sidekick in Paper Mario. His specialty is not really attacks, but instead he tells Mario information about enemies, locations and the people Mario meets whenever you use his attack "Tattle", in and out of battle.

[edit] Goombario's uses

Goombario is mostly used for learning about the enemies you meet, locations you go to and the people Mario meets.

As you can see below, Goombario is telling Mario something:


[edit] Attacks

Attack Flower Points Needed Effect To Attack Move Ranks
Headbonk None Bonks a single enemy, like Mario's Jump. Press A right before landing. Initial
Tattle 0 Uncovers enemy's description and stats. Outside of battle, it can be used to describe the people Mario meets and the places he visits. Just press A. Initial
Charge 1 Boosts Headbonk attack by 2. Just press A. Super Rank
Multi-Bonk 3 Much like Mario's Power Bounce, bonks an enemy multiple times until he misses the action command. Press A before landing on an enemy. Ultra Rank

[edit] Other Information

  • Goombario is afraid of heights and many times in the game he will mention that in namely Cloudy Climb, Bowser's Castle, and Raphael the Raven's Tree.
  • Goombario has sort of a friendly rivalry with Kooper because he thinks that he stole Mario away from him. If you use the Tattle ability on Lee at the Toad Town Dojo, or on an Duplighost Kooper clone you will notice this.

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