Goomba Bowling

Goomba Bowling
Goomba Bowling.png
Goomba Bowling as shown in Mario Party 9.

Goomba Bowling is a Free-For-All Minigame that appears in Mario Party 9. Players have to toss a shell down the lane and topple as much Goombas as possible. The most Goombas in the lane is 20, giving you a maximum of 20 points if you manage to hit all of the Goombas. You have only 15 seconds to adjust your position and angle in the best way to hit the Goombas. The Goombas will move from one side of the lane to the other, so players must time their throw correctly.

In Extra Mode, players will play 5 frames. Players will be able to go twice in each frame like the actual sport of Bowling. If players manage to make a Spare, they will earn a 10 point Bonus. If they manage to make a Strike, they will earn a 20 point Bonus. The player with the highest points will win the minigame.

[edit] Controls

Hold The Wii Remote vertically.

  • Press the A button to switch between your position and the angle of your shell. Use the Control Pad to adjust your position or the angle. Hold B and wave the Wii Remote to toss your shell. In Extra Mode, press Down on the Control Pad to see the score.

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