Golden Leaf

Golden Leaf
GoldenLeaf PM2.png
The Golden Leaf As it appears in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

[edit] Description

The Golden Leaf is an item found in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door and is only found at Creepy Steeple. In order to find the leaf Mario must slip through the metal fence found along the side of Creepy Steeple as paper thin. The fence is located on the outside edge of Creepy Steeple, and can only be accessed form inside. The player must enter the door towards the top of the screen located inside the main entrance hall. After this the player must head to left until they see a tiny gap in the fence. After Paper Mario heads through he will be able to follow a path to the Golden Tree. Mario can then use his Hammer on the tree and the Golden Leaf will fall down for him to collect.

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