Gold Tires

Gold Tires

A set of Gold Tires from Mario Kart 7.

Game Tires are in Mario Kart 7
Boosts Speed and Weight
Hinders Acceleration, Handling, and Off-Road
Availability Get a 1 star rank for each cup in every GP class. Also unlocked by getting 1500 coins.

The Gold Tires is a set of unlockable tires in Mario Kart 7. To unlock them, you must earn a 1 star rank in every GP cup for each engine class. An alternative method to unlock the tires is to acquire 1500 coins in the game. These tires offer boosts and drops that are very similar to the Slick Tires. Lightweights like the boosts to Speed and Weight while their high Acceleration, Handling, and Off-Road stats can help to offset the drops to those stats. The Gold Tires offer the best boost to Speed (tied with the Slick Tires) of any set of tires in the game. However, they also have the worst Off-Road rating as well as the worst handling rating (along with the Monster Tires and Red Monster Tires) in the game as well.

[edit] Stats

These take a character's base in each of the following stats and adds to or subtracts from them depending on the set of tires used:

Speed= +1
Acceleration= -0.5
Weight= +0.5
Handling= -1.25
Off-Road= -2.5

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