Gimme a Sign

Gimme a Sign
MP7 GimmeASign.jpg
Gimme a Sign as it is seen in Mario Party 7

Gimme a Sign is a Duel Mini-game found in Mario Party 7. It takes place on a river and both characters have four wooden planks to stand on, each with a different picture. A Shy Guy is standing on a dock in the center of the planks with the characters on ether side of him. The Shy Guy will hold up signs with the same pictures on as the ones on the floating planks. If the picture on one of them matches the sign Shy Guy holds up than that one will sink for a second. The players have to avoid this and be very careful not to fall in the water, if one of the players is still standing on one that has it's sign held up they will sink with it. As the game goes on Shy Guy will hold up two signs at a time occasionally which causes two planks to sink. Players can also jump over the gaps. If one player falls in the other wins, however if both players are still standing at the end of the time limit than it's a tie.

[edit] Controls

Players use the control pad to move and the A button to jump.

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