Galaxy Rally


Galaxy Rally is one of the special games that appears in Mario Tennis Open. It is played on the Galaxy Arena court and players will have to rebound the ball to Luma a certain number of times. Whenever the player serves, when the ball bounces, the ball will remove one of the four Shrinking Tiles so the player can aim for the spot again until after their next hit. If the tennis ball falls into the Black Hole below, then the player will lose one of their three tries. If the fail to hit the ball back then they will lose a try.

As the game progresses, two of the four Shrinking Tiles will disappear on later difficulties. On the Gold difficulty, three of them will disappearing.

Also while playing this game, there will be Star Chips found on the visible Shrinking Tiles. When the ball hits one of them, the player will receive coins while a section of the Launch Star meter will be filled. After collecting five of the chops, the Launch star will be assembled and when the ball hits the Launch Star, it will give them five coins and move to another Shrinking Tile. For every consecutive intersection, it will give five more coins. The meter will slowly go down and when empty, the Launch Star will disappear and the Star Chips will appear again. The coins or Star Chips are not required to complete the game.

  • Bronze (Rising Star) - Players need to rebound the ball successfully 30 times.
  • Silver (Shooting Star) - Players need to rebound the ball successfully 50 times.
  • Gold (Superstar) - Players need to rebound the ball successfully 100 times.
  • Extreme Challenge (Galaxy Rally Challenge) - Players need to rebound the ball successfully until they fail on their third try.

When the player completes the Gold difficulty, they will unlock Luma as a playable character.

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