Ribbon Road

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Ribbon Road is the 2nd course in the Star Cup for Mario Kart: Super Circuit. It's a course with its fair share of sharp turns to keep players on their toes. It is shaped like a stretched ribbon, hint the name of the course, Ribbon Road.

[edit] Course Dimmensions

It starts off with a fairly long straightaway followed by a long winding turn leading to the first ramp. After the first ramp, there's another small straightaway with boost panels leading into a sharp left turn. Then, a quick straightaway before another sharp left turn leads you to the 2nd and final ramp. Then, it turns into a twisting, single-path road with boost panels placed along the far edges of the road. After emerging from that section of the course, you'll have just one slight curve that leads you back to the start/finish line. You can actually go without turning much at all in the last curve if you enter it just right to keep as much speed as possible heading to the start/finish line.

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