Frappe Snowland

Frappe Snowland

Frappe Snowland, as seen in Mario Kart 64.

Appearance(s) Mario Kart 64
Mario Kart DS
Cup Flower Cup
Banana Cup
Distance 734 m

Frappe Snowland is the second track featured in the Flower Cup in Mario Kart 64. On this track, it will be snowing and snowmen that will serve as an obstacle to the players. At the start of the track, there is a giant Yoshi statue. It appears to be in the middle of a snow field as the track is placed on a big snow terrain. On one open area of the track, there are a row of snowmen and a giant ice Mario statue. On the last part of the track, the drivers will race through a snow mountain.

Frappe Snowland would later appear on the Banana Cup in Mario Kart DS

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