Fire Mario

Fire Mario
Fire Mario.png
Used By Mario, Luigi, Yellow Toad, Blue Toad, Bowser, Wario
Required Item Fire Flower
Effect Survive one hit. Break blocks, Shoot fireballs.
Debut Appearance Super Mario Bros.
Latest Appearance New Super Mario Bros. 2

Fire Mario is one of the forms that Mario or Luigi can turn into after using a certain item. They can use the Fire Flower to turn into this form. It was first introduced in Super Mario Bros. and has appeared in many games throughout the series. Wario would be able to use this form as a desperate attempt to defeat Mario in Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins. This form is able to shoot fireballs and strangely enough, can shoot them underwater as well. New Super Mario Bros. Wii would see Blue Toad and Yellow Toad be able to turn into Fire Blue Toad and Fire Yellow Toad. This form is really handy for throwing a shell to take out Hammer Bros. and similar enemies by throwing a fireball from a distance. There would be a form introduced later as Ice Mario.


[edit] Appearances

[edit] Super Mario Series

[edit] Super Mario Bros.

Fire Mario would make its first appearance in Super Mario Bros. and then in Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels. Both Mario and Luigi's hat and overalls will change to white while their shirts will change to red. In Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, Fire Luigi would keep the white cap and overalls but his shirt would change to green.

They can become Fire Mario or Fire Luigi by using a Fire Flower and be able to throw fireballs. But if they are hit while in this form, they will go back to their Small form. Their fireballs can bounce along the ground and defeat most enemies, including some like Spinies.

[edit] Super Mario Bros. 3

The form would not appear in Super Mario Bros. 2 but return in Super Mario Bros. 3. They would change into an orange color instead of their clothing changing. This would mark the first game where if they got hit, they would revert back to their super form.

[edit] Super Mario World

Super Mario World would be the first game to have Fire Mario and Fire Luigi look different from one another and more like their artwork. They would keep all their skills from previous games but have an added ability of throwing two fireballs from opposite sides when they use the Spin Jump ability.

[edit] New Super Mario Bros.

New Super Mario Bros. would mark the first appearance of Fire Mario in fourteen years. They would have the same functions as they did in the Super Mario Bros. title and they were no longer the highest form attainable due to new power-ups being introduced. If another power-up is used, it will over-ride the Fire form. If they get hit, then they return to their Super form.

[edit] New Super Mario Bros. Wii

New Super Mario Bros. Wii would see Fire Mario and Luigi retain their abilities from past games. It would also allow for Yellow Toad and Blue Toad to use the Fire Flower power-up.

[edit] Super Mario Galaxy

Fire Mario would make its 3D debut appear in Super Mario Galaxy. It could be found on the Freezeflame Galaxy, Dusty Dune Galaxy and Deep Dark Galaxy. It would have a few changes to it, such as there being a time limit on the power-up instead of losing it after taking damage. The fireballs would no longer be effective underwater and Mario can't spin until the form wears off. Fire Luigi would also appear in the game after using a Fire Flower.

[edit] Super Mario Galaxy 2

They would reappear in Super Mario Galaxy 2 in the Rightside Down Galaxy, Freezy Flake Galaxy, Slipsand Galaxy, Upside Dizzy Galaxy and Battle Belt Galaxy. It would need to be used for completing the [[The Great Crate Incinerator" in Rightside Down Galaxy and "Burning Upside Dizzy" in Upside Dizzy Galaxy, as Mario will need to burn all of the crates in the given time limit.

[edit] Super Mario 3D Land

Fire Mario returns in Super Mario 3D Land as one of the power-ups that Mario can obtain from blocks. It does not have a time limit like it did in the Super Mario Galaxy titles and it can only be lost after Mario takes a hit from an enemy.

[edit] New Super Mario Bros. 2

Fire Mario is set to appear in the upcoming Nintendo 3DS game, New Super Mario Bros. 2 with the same appearance from past Mario games.

[edit] Super Mario Land Series

[edit] Super Mario Land

Fire Mario would not appear in Super Mario Land, though a form similar to it would appear, known as Superball Mario. It would be the only time this form would appear in the Mario series.

[edit] Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins

This form would be slightly changed in Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, it would have a feather added to the top of Mario 's cap. Wario would also use a Fire Flower to become Fire Wario in the final battle in an attempt to defeat Mario. He would only throw fireballs.

[edit] Mario & Sonic series

[edit] Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

This form wouldn't appear in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games but players could purchase a Fire Mario suit for their Miis when buying a random lottery ticket at the Secret Shop.

[edit] Mario Tennis Open

A Fire Suit could be unlocked for the Mii character in Mario Tennis Open. It can be unlocked after two characters have been turned into star characters.

[edit] Media Appearances

[edit] The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

Fire Mario would be called Super Mario or Super Luigi in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! as their Super forms would just be their regular forms. This form could be acquired from the Fire Flowers, Stars, Magic Pendant and even a shock from high voltage. It would be sometimes referred to as Fire Power and it would allow the Mario bros. to shoot fireballs from their fingers. Toad would also use this form in the episode "The Fire of Hercufleas". Princess Toadstool would use it in "The Trojan Koopa" though she would not shoot fireballs.

[edit] The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3

In The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, this form would be changed to match the appearance seen in Super Mario Bros. 3. He would only be able to throw fireballs. Bowser could use this form in "Super Koopa" with the help of the Power Pendant.

[edit] Super Mario World

In the Super Mario World cartoon, it would be changed to match that of the one in Super Mario World. It would only be seen in the episodes "Send in the Clown" and "King Scoopa Koopa".

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