Egg Orb

Egg Orb

Egg Orb as it appears in Mario Party 7.

Appearance(s) Mario Party 7
Effect Mario Party 7- Character Orb that only Yoshi and Birdo can use. On the turn this Orb is used, Yoshi(Birdo) turns all Single Space and Roadblock Orb spaces into Eggs. They turn into Orbs that Yoshi(Birdo) can use starting on the following turn. Yoshi(Birdo) can still only carry three(five in Team or 8-Player Modes) of the Orbs picked up.
Coin Cost 15 coins(Mario Party 7)
Rarity Uncommon

The Egg Orb is one of the six special Character Orbs in Mario Party 7. The only two able to buy this Orb and use it are Yoshi and Birdo. On the turn Yoshi(Birdo) uses this Orb, he is able to turn any Orb Spaces he passes into Eggs. This includes Single Space Orbs, Roadblock Orbs, and Koopa Kid Orbs. After Yoshi's(Birdo's) turn is over, the Eggs are transformed into Orbs that Yoshi(Birdo) can carry around with him and use. Keep in mind though, that Yoshi(Birdo) can still only carry the maximum amount of Orbs allowed at one time. In Battle Royale Mode, this means a maximum of three may be kept. In Team Battle and 8-Player Battle Modes, five Orbs can be kept. Since Yoshi(Birdo) turn Orb Spaces into Eggs, they are not affected by any type of Orb Space when this Orb is in use.

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