E. Gadd's Garage

E. Gadd's Garage

Overview of E. Gadd's Garage board map during the night.

Game board is in Mario Party 6
Difficulty Level Easy
Star Space type Normal
Green Space Effect Varied
Availability Available from the start.

E. Gadd's Garage is one of the 6 board maps in Mario Party 6. Since it's a garage, there are many tools and contraptions to experiment with as you move about the board. There's multiple machines like teleporter pads, and other things like conveyor belts. It was made by Professor Elvin Gadd.
Green Spaces are located at quite a few areas around the board. There's one at each teleporter pad and landing on one will cause the professor to come out and ask if you want a ride. If you say yes, you'll be transported to another pad on the board at random. Landing on a Green Space on a conveyor belt will cause the conveyor belt to send all players to the space before the very first junction on the board. All players caught and sent back will receive coins though. Any character spaces on the conveyor belt for all players will be lost as well. There's a Green Space next to a massive fan and landing on it will let you steal coins from all other players on the board by using the fan for suction. Other players must tap A as quickly as possible to lose fewer coins. There's a machine that will transform Orbs into other random Orbs or even coins depending on the time of day. You can't pick and choose the orbs that are transformed. It's either all of them or none of them. The final Green Space on the board is next to a rocketship. The professor will ask if you want him to use the device to create character spaces for you. The more coins you pay him, the more spaces you'll get.
The main day/night effect on this board has to do with the 2 platforms will move clockwise during every day/night shift during the game. Also, the Orb Transformer machine will change effect. During the day, it will transform Orbs into other Orbs at random. During the night, it will transform all Orbs into coins equal to the total amount it would cost to buy all the orbs in an Orb Shop.

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