Driving Tips


[edit] Rocket Start

This performs a boost at the start of the race and can be achieved using any character and any controller method. To do it is pretty simple and should only take a few attempts to master, as once you have it, it is hard to forget. At the start of the countdown (3, 2, 1), hold down A as the number 2 begins to fade away. If done too early, you will skid and black smoke will appear and if done too late a boost will not be obtained. You will know if you have done it, if you cannot get it, I would advice going on Time Trial mode and practicing as it is a useful technique to know. Also you can accarate than descarate for a few times happy driving!

[edit] Throwing Items

Items cannot only be thrown backwards, but they can also be thrown forwards. This is a useful tip to know if you are just behind a racer or just ahead as it can bring them to a nasty halt. It can be achieved by holding backwards or forwards as the item is released.

[edit] Dangling Items

If you are first or second, and find you are only getting bananas or shells then this is a useful trick. Dangling items can act as a shield to your kart and avoid being hit by shells coming your way. It is a very useful tip to help hold a lead in a close race. However, it cannot protect you from the dreaded blue shell. It can be achieved by holding the item button down, and the item will drag behind. However, please note the Fake Box does not act as a shield, as of previous versions, so if you have this it is best to drop it.

[edit] Slip Streaming

By following the kart just ahead of you along straights you can slip stream them. As you trail a kart you will start to see lines appear, and if done for long enough you will get a ring of lines around your kart. This gives you a big speed boost and will take you past the racer in front. However, be vary of the kart in front dangling items, as if you get to close and hit the item you will be brought to a stop.

[edit] Stunts

This is a new technique introduced to Mario Kart Wii and one which can be useful. By pressing the correct button, depending on which control method used, just before you take off a ramp the driver will perform a trick in midair, and when lands a boost will be obtained. The trick performed is seemingly random, however, the boost is always the same.

It is advised on some tracks, such as Rainbow Road, you do not perform tricks as the extra air time needed to perform the trick can sometimes be a disadvantage and it will be quicker not to perform the trick.

[edit] Wheelies

This is a technique which can only be performed on Bikes, however it does give a big speed boost. It also makes up for the fact that Bikes can achieve red sparks upon drift. To perform, simply press the correct button and you will instantly wheelie, the wheelie will end automatically after a while, however can also be escaped by pressing the jump button. This is a more advanced technique and is generally not advised on windy tracks, unless you are a more skilled driver. But this is also the reason most of the world records are performed on Bikes because of the general advantage gained.

[edit] Recovery

On some tracks it is possible to fall off, the most common one is certainly Rainbow Road. When falling off it is also possible to get a small boost to gain full speed quickly, this can be done as the instant you hit the ground to hold accelerate. Again it is a tip which may require practice, but it is extremely useful, especially for online play and Grand Prix. Use Time Trial Mode to practice.

[edit] Avoiding the POW block

This is one of my most hated items on the game, but luckily there is a way to avoid it. As the item is used you will hear and see three POW's, as you hear the first two get ready, because just before the third you need to perform a mini stunt. You will spin, like every other driver, however remain at full speed and carry on as normal upon landing. You will also know it is done because as you perform it a small ring will appear under your kart. Again, a vital tip to know, but it will take practice. To do a mini stunt, either shake the Wii remote or wheel when the third thump is heard, or push the D-pad up on the Gamecube Controller.

[edit] Drifting

Drifting is a common technique to the Mario Kart games. Drifting allows one to turn a corner, while at the same time not losing speed. The drifting technique can also produce a mini boost, which coming off a turn, is a very handy thing indeed. The building off the boost is done in three stages. First one must lean into the turn and press the correct button to begin drifting, then turn in and out to have colored sparks shooting from the back and then repeat this step for the sparks to change again signaling the boost is fully charged. To make use of the boost just release whatever you were pressing to begin the drift and your kart will boost, just remember to aim where you want to go first. Other than a boost and no speed loss, drifting also has the benefit of leaning into turns allowing you to cut distance off how far you have to travel to win the race.

[edit] Recovery From Stand Still

This can only be executed using the Manual steering option. If you have a kart or bike with low acceleration, such as the Flame Flyer or the Bowser Bike and you've been hit by a shell or some such and have been brought to a complete stop, you can get back up to top speed much faster than just normally accelerating on. Hold down accelerate button and the button you hold when you're drifting (varies depending on your controller style) at EXACTLY the same time and you'll notice the sparks coming from your back wheel(s) like when drifting after a quick wheel spin before it appears. When you see that, release the drift button but keep holding down accelerate! You will be at top speed again a lot faster than if you just normally accelerated. It isn't recommended to do this in a vehicle which has high acceleration anyway such as the Quacker because they get to top speed even faster than this method.

Also, let's say you've been knocked off the course at GCN DK Mountain. You get dropped back on to the course and continue the race. However, if you tap the accelerate button, whichever it may be, it depends on what controller you're using, JUST as you hit the ground, you'll get a rocket start and be at top speed again in no time at all!

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