Drivers (MarioKartGBA)

Class: Middle
Info: The famous red-clothed plumber, Mario has average attributes in all areas making him ideal for beginners.

Class: Middle
Info: The eternal green understudy performs exactly like his brother, therefore choosing between the two is all down to preference.

Class: Light
Info: Good acceleration and handling makes Peach an easy one to use, but poor speed means she can get easily outpaced by the heavier karters.

Class: Light
Info: The lightest of the competitors, Toad also has the best acceleration and the worst speed. Ideal for technical tracks.

Class: Light
Info: Not quite as light as the other lightweights, Yoshi nevertheless is ill-suited for tracks with long straights and few technical corners.

Donkey Kong
Class: Heavy
Info: The large ape from the jungle can really zip along the track, but acceleration suffers for his weight.

Class: Heavy
Info: Not as heavy as the other heavyweights, therefore doesn’t get affected as much by the heavy attributes.

Class: Heavy
Info: The heaviest karter in play, Bowser can easily ram others out of the way, and has the highest top speed, but very low acceleration.

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