Driver's Ed

Driver's Ed
Driver's Ed.jpg
Yoshi playing Driver's Ed

Driver's Ed is a Special One Player Minigame featured in Mario Party 2. This minigame is unlocked once you buy all of the minigames from Woody, including Battle and Item Minigames. The only way to play the minigame is to speak to Woody. Players are on a course and must drive through the cones in numerical order, written on the ballons, as quickly as possible. Also they must pass through the cones in the direction of the arrow. If the player passes through the cone in the wrong direction or wrong order, the player will immediately lose the minigame. There are 5 courses, each becoming more difficult than the course preceeding it. There's no reward for completing the minigame. Players just have to work to obtain a very fast time.

[edit] Controls

  • Control Stick - Up to Move Forward, Down to Move Backward, Left/Right to Change Direction
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