Species Pixl
Role Sidekick
Relations Unknown
First Appearance Super Paper Mario
Latest Appearance N/A


[edit] Background

The ninth Pixl you can recruit in Super Paper Mario. She is found in the Floro Caverns with Gabbro, whom Dottie helps escape from the Floro Sapiens, she is the last mandatory Pixl also. Dottie used to be partners with Gabbro, but leaves him for Mario.

[edit] Personality

[edit] Powers and Abilities

Dottie has the power to shrink the character. This allows the character to go through tiny warp pipes, doors, etc. You can also walk on water. Enemies will not notice you either. This ability allows you to enter the Itty Bits shops located in Flipside, Flopside, The Dotwood Tree, Land of the Cragnons and the Overthere.

[edit] Other Information

  • Loves to meditation.

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