Donkey Kong Jungle (Baseball Stadium)

Donkey Kong Jungle

Donkey Kong Jungle as it is seen in Mario Superstar Baseball.

Game(s) stadium is in Mario Superstar Baseball
Mario Super Sluggers
Field Effects Klaptraps are found in the river splitting the infield and outfield. They clamp onto fielders to slow them down. They give out Star points if a baseball hits them. Barrels are fired off in the outfield occasionally. They can temporarily stun fielders.
Special Minigame played here Barrel Batter


[edit] Basic Information and Features

Donkey Kong Jungle is a stadium that you can play at in Mario Superstar Baseball. As its name implies, it is a jungle stadium that is home to Donkey Kong in Superstar Baseball. It features vines that act as the foul poles and a river that runs through the stadium splitting the infield and outfield virtually in half. In Challenge Mode, this is where you challenge Donkey Kong's team to a game of baseball. Barrel Batter is the mini-game that is played at this stadium. The stadium returns in Mario Super Sluggers under the simpler name, DK Jungle.

[edit] Mario Superstar Baseball

[edit] Appearance

Donkey Kong Jungle is indeed, a jungle stadium. It has many landscape features from games in the Donkey Kong Series. This includes a river that runs through the stadium, vines that represent fair and foul poles, a retro Donkey Kong sign, and barrels. It is not necessarily a batter's ballpark, but it is a batter friendly ballpark as the only field effects hinder fielders in some way, though not to the extreme of the field effects of Wario Palace.

[edit] Field Effects

Since you are in Donkey Kong Jungle, it's only natural for the Field Effects to originate from traditional Donkey Kong games. The most noticeable one is the river that is infested with Klaptraps. They will move based on footsteps they hear in the river. If a Klaptrap clamps down on a fielder, then their movements will be slowed until the end of the inning. If a batter smacks a baseball that hits a Klaptrap, then their team is awarded with a Star Point that can be used later for Special Pitches and Swings. The other Field Effect is the two barrel cannons on both sides of the outfield. Often times, when a ball is hit into the outfield, one of the cannons will launch a Barrel that travels in a diagonal direction. The barrel will continue on its path until it crashes into the outfield fence, mowing down any outfielder in its path to render them motionless for a short time. If a fielder is hit with a barrel while holding the baseball, then they will also drop the baseball which can allow runners to advance. Although dangerous, it also quite funny to hear an outfielder's cry when they aren't even shown on the screen.

[edit] Super Sluggers Stadium Upgrades

There are a few changes to the stadium's look in Super Sluggers. Barrels still roll out in the outfield during the day, but they change to Flaming Barrels during the nighttime. At night, there is also a large DK Statue that will move at night and have a similar effect to the POW Ball item in that it stuns those who hit it. During the day, there are flowers that emits gas that has a similar effect on players to Peach's Star Swing in Super Sluggers. Lastly, there are tree roots located in center field that will obviously slow a baseball down if it runs up on them.

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