Dire Dire Docks

This is for the N64 Version. If you're looking for the DS version, try here!

Dire Dire Docks
The entrance to Dire Dire Docks
Star Missions Board Bowser's Sub
Chests In The Current
Pole-Jumping For Red Coins
Through The Jet Stream
The Manta Ray's Reward
Collect the Caps...

Dire, Dire Docks is the ninth course in Super Mario 64. Dire, Dire Docks is another water level in the game, much similar to Jolly Roger Bay. The course takes place in a large and deep body of water. The entrance to the course is above a large pool of water that connects to the submarine dock through an underwater passage. Mario can encountered various types of marine life, including Sushi, Manta Ray and others. This is the only course that changes after the completion of another. Bowser's Submarine will sit in the docking area until Bowser is defeated in Bowser In the Fire Sea. As well the gate blocking the passageway will open and leads to the pond outside of Princess Peach's Castle and the moving poles will appear in the framework of the docks.

The watery portal that allows Mario to enter Dire, Dire Docks can be found in the basement of the castle behind a sealed door that Bowser had sealed after invading the castle. After Mario had defeated Bowser in Bowser In the Dark World, Bowser had to retreat to Bowser In the Fire Sea, which cannot be accessed until collecting the first Power Star in Dire Dire Docks.

For Mario to get through this sealed Star Door, he will need to have collected Thirty Power Stars.


[edit] Levels

[edit] Star 1: Board Bowser's Sub

For Mario to be able to fight Bowser in Bowser In the Fire Sea, he will need to collect a Power Star from Dire, Dire Docks. Due to the presence of Bowser's Submarine and other changes in the dock course, this is the only Star that can be collected. Starting off in the world, Mario will fall into a big pool of water, he will need to dive under and go towards the passage near the bottom. Going through this long passage will take a few minutes and could deplete Mario's air supply. There is a little area where Mario can get above water in the passage to recover his health. Once Mario is outside of the passage and in the docking area, he will need to find a ! Switch on the dock and then use the blocks to climb onto the submarine. The Power Star can be found on the front of the submarine.

Once the Power Star has been collected, Mario will be able to access Bowser In the Fire Sea. The water pool that is the entrance to Dire, Dire Docks will be pushed back to reveal the entrance to Bowser in the Fire Sea. Once Bowser is defeated, the submarine will be replaced with moving poles that are necessary to get another star, making this Power Star difficult to get.

[edit] Star 2: Chests in The Current

For the second Power Star, Mario will need to dive down to the bottom of the pool. Surrounding the whirlpool, are 4 treasure chests that Mario will need to open in a certain order to collect the Power Star. As he does this, he will need to resists the pull of the swirling vortex. The Power Star will appear near the whirlpool.

[edit] Star 3: Pole-Jumping For Red Coins

The 8 Red Coins are scattered throughout the submarine dock. All of the red coins are near the ceiling. Mario will need to use the moving poles to collect all Red Coins. 4 Red Coins are close together while the other 4 are trickier to collect. Once all 8 Red Coins have been collected, the Power Star will appear on the Star Marker.

Note: The moving poles will not appear in the level until Bowser is defeated in Bowser In the Fire Sea.

[edit] Star 4: Through the Jet Stream

The Fourth Power Star will be located in the docking area underneath where Bowser's submarine was. Mario will have to go through five rings that are being emitted from the jet stream. Once Mario has done this, the Power Star will appear afterward at the top of the stream generator. The current will be too powerful for Mario to swim against so he will need the Metal Cap to collect this Power Star.

[edit] Star 5: The Manta Ray's Reward

Mario will need to find the Manta Ray located in the first part of the course. Mario will have to swim through five of the Rings that the Manta Ray leaves behind. Once Mario has done this, the Power Star will appear above the whirlpool.

[edit] Star 6: Collect the Caps...

To collect the sixth and final Power Star of Dire, Dire Docks, Mario will need to venture to the docking arena once more. He will need to collect the Vanish Cap located near where Bowser's submarine was and swim to the sea floor and pass through the cage at the side where the Power Star awaits. Mario can also combine the Vanish Cap and the Metal Cap to create Vanish Metal Mario.

[edit] Collecting 100 Coins

There are a total of 106 coins in Dire,Dire Docks. Collecting 100 coins in this course is a bit difficult. Here are some hints to collect coins:

  • 8 Red Coins
  • 6 Blue Coins(Blue Coin Switch)
  • 3 Circle of Coins
  • 2 Vertical Lines of Coins
  • Line of Coins on sloped wall near the beginning underwater.

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