Diddy Kong

Diddy Kong
Species Monkey
Role Sidekick, playable character
Relations Donkey Kong
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country
Latest Appearance Mario Tennis Open


[edit] Character Bio

Main Article: Diddy Kong

Diddy Kong is the best friend and sidekick of Donkey Kong. Diddy Kong first appeared in Donkey Kong Country in the 1994. He lives in Donkey Kong Island in the Kongo Jungle, and He Also has the Nintendo logo on his hat. People may also know Diddy Kong mostly for Donkey Kong 64, and using his jet-pack and peanut popguns.

He is playable in some Mario games, including, but not limited to Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, Mario Kart Wii, Mario Strikers Charged and Mario Super Sluggers. He is also playable in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Diddy is well known to be a very quick and agile character, who`s speed really benefits his buddy Donkey Kong.

[edit] Game History

[edit] Mario Party Series

[edit] Mario Party 9

Diddy Kong wouldn't be a playable character in Mario Party 9. He would appear on the DK's Jungle Ruin board as the mid-boss at the mid-boss fortress. He is the youngest of all the kongs.

[edit] Mario Tennis Open

Diddy Kong would be one of the playable characters in Mario Tennis Open, Available from the start, Diddy Kong is a Speed type character. Players could unlock tennis gear for their Mii character, as well as unlock a costume after meeting 20 characters through Streetpass.

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