Deep Bloober Sea

Deep Bloober Sea

Overview of Deep Bloober Sea board map

Game board is in Mario Party 3
Difficulty Level Easy
Star Space type Normal
Happening Space Effect Varied
Availability Available at the start

Deep Bloober Sea is one of the 6 playable boards in Mario Party 3. This board is inhabited by many forms of aquatic life. As you get to the junction on the far left side of the board, you will be forced to choose one of 4 switches. 3 of the switches do nothing and you'll continue on as if choosing a switch was pointless. However, there is one switch that will fire a torpedo and blow you off course.(force you to go in the other direction) The switches reset only after the torpedo is fired. There are 2 effects a happening space will have depending on where you land on one. Happening Spaces near the blooper will have the baby call on the mother to move you to the other side. Happening Spaces near the angler fish will trigger Action Time where you must press A repeatedly to keep from being blown to a different area on the board. In Story Mode, the player battles to earn the Kindness Star Stamp.

[edit] Trivia

"Bloober" is an older version of the word "blooper".

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