DK Space

DK Space
DK Space.jpg
DK Space as seen in Mario Party 8.
Effect Donkey Kong starts an event that will benefit the player and/or everyone.
First Appearance Mario Party 5
Latest Appearance Mario Party 9


[edit] Space Info

DK Spaces are spaces that became a staple to the Mario Party series, ever since its debut in Mario Party 5. These spaces are very uncommon in Party Mode. When a player lands on this space, Donkey Kong is summoned and will start an event that will always benefit the player, such as winning coins or a Star.

[edit] Mario Party 5

In this game, when landing on this space, one of three events will begin.

DK Roulette involves both the player that landed on the space and Donkey Kong rolling a Dice Block. If the player manages to roll a number higher than Donkey Kong, that player will obtain a Star.

DK Bonus will allow the player to roll a Dice Block in a barrel form and will earn the amount of coins that corresponds to the amount he/she rolled.

DK Minigame will have players participate in a Donkey Kong minigame to earn some coins. Each DK minigame involves the player collecting bananas, which determines how much coins you'll obtain. Before the minigame, a roulette will determine how many coins players will get for each banana they get, the most being three.

[edit] Mario Party 6

In this game, only two events remain: DK Bonus and DK Minigame. DK Roulette is removed.

DK Minigame plays out exactly like Mario Party 5. There are three DK Minigames: Banana Shake, Pier Factor, and Tally Me Banana.

DK Bonus is also played out similar to Mario Party 5, except there's a possibility of earning a Star as well.

[edit] Mario Party 7

DK Bonus and DK Roulette are removed in this game. When a player lands on this space, either a Single-Player or Multiplayer DK minigame will be chosen. The multiplayer DK minigames plays out exactly like its predecessors. The Single-Player minigames puts players against Donkey Kong, and if they are able to win, they will gett a prize of either coins or a Star, similar to the DK Bonus rewards.

[edit] Mario Party 8

The DK Space in this game starts an event depending entirely on what Board Map you play in Party Mode.

  • DK's Treetop Temple : Donkey Kong tosses the player directly to the Star.
  • Goomba's Booty Boardwalk : You deposit 5 coins into a barrel and you are required to shake that barrel for 3 seconds. You'll earn more coins than you deposited, depending on how fast you shaked the barrel.
  • King Boo's Haunted Hideaway : Donkey Kong places a circular platform over a pitfall. The first player that enters that room, will receive a free Star from Donkey Kong.
  • Shy Guy's Perplex Express : Donkey Kong's train will appear in the front. The first player to reach him will obtain a free Star.
  • Koopa's Tycoon Town : Donkey Kong deposits coins into the player's hotel.
  • Bowser's Warped Orbit : Donkey Kong gives the player a Star.

[edit] Mario Party 9

The DK Space only appears on the DK's Jungle Ruins board map. When a player lands on this space, the Bananas and Z-Bananas(bananas that will subtract from your banana count) will start to rotate around the board. The player has to stop the bananas by pressing A to jump and grabbing the Bananas and Z-Bananas that appears over you.

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