DK Jungle

DK Jungle
DK Jungle from Mario Kart 7

DK Jungle is the first course in the Special Cup found in Mario Kart 7. It consists of racers driving through the jungle outside of Donkey Kongs house which is seen by the course towards the start of the race. Tikis are encountered as obstacles in the course along with large frogs. Both of these enemies appear in Donkey Kong Country Returns, and the track looks very similar to the jungle from that same game. As players race on after the Tikis they will drive over a bridge and into the jungle, here they will encounter a couple frogs and there is also a shortcut that enables racers to use their gliders. After this there is a temple like area that looks very similar to the Golden Temple seen in Donkey Kong Country. After this there will be a large area over water that the gliders are used to cross, here there are Screaming Pillars to avoid and up ahead is one more left turn before the finish.

DK Jungle is set to return in Mario Kart 8 in the Retro Cups. The mud that was in the Mario Kart version of the track has been removed from the course, while a piece of the track in the Golden Temple has been raised so that racers will need to use the gravity to race on it.

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