Crystal Ball

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The Crystal Ball item appears in several games in the Mario series, starting with Super Mario Bros. 2. It could be obtained after defeating Birdo, as Birdo would spit it out once defeated. When it is grabbed, Hawkmouth will open his mouth and lead to the next level. The Crystal Ball would not return until Paper Mario as it would be the main tool for Merlon's family. The Ultra Stone is another item that would appear that allows Mario's partners to reach their Ultra ranks. It would also appear in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

One would also be used for Madame Clairvoya in Luigi's Mansion. A Crystal Ball would appear in Seer Terror minigame for Mario Party 6 as Bowser would use one to see the player's "future". Occasionally the player would get coins or a Mushroom.

After completing Chapter 5 in Super Paper Mario, the heroes can go visit Merlee in Flopside, where she asks for her Crystal Ball back from Merlublee, and asks for the heroes to get it for her. Once she has the Crystal Ball back, the player will receive a key to open a storehouse with Piccolo the Pixl inside of it.

Mini Marios from Mario vs. Donkey Kong would sell Crystal Balls during events of the game as well.

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