Coney Island

Coney Island

Wario, Mario, Waluigi, and Daisy playing Coney Island.

Game Mini-Game is in Mario Party 5
Objective Catch the most ice cream scoops within the time limit to win.
Mini-Game type 4-Player
Time Limit 30 seconds
Mini-Game Decathlon Event? No

Coney Island is a 4-Player Mini-Game from Mario Party 5. The game is believed to take place in Brooklyn, New York on top of a giant Mario statue holding an ice cream cone.


[edit] Rules and Objective

In this Mini-Game, your goal is to catch the most ice cream scoops on your ice cream cone within the 30 second time limit. There are a variety of ice cream flavors that range from vanilla to mint, and chocolate to blue raspberry. To get a scoop on your cone, stand directly under the shadow of a falling ice cream scoop. Whoever has the most ice cream scoops on their cone after 30 seconds is declared the winner.

[edit] Advice

As you get more scoops on your cone, it becomes increasingly harder to move around as your character tries to keep all of the scoops balanced. Also, when someone stops under a shadow of an ice cream scoop, it will be nearly impossible to move them out of the way so just look for another one.

[edit] Controls

  • Control Stick = Move

[edit] Flavors

Here are the flavors of ice cream that fall in this Mini-Game:

  • Light = Vanilla
  • Yellow = Lemon
  • Green = Mint
  • Brown = Chocolate
  • Orange = Likely Orange, but possibly peach or some other similar flavor
  • Blue = Likely Blue Raspberry
  • White & Red = Yoghurt & Strawberry
  • Light & Brown = Likely Vanilla and Chocolate mixed

[edit] Trivia

  • Did you know that there's an amusement park in Brooklyn named Coney Island?
  • The giant Mario statue the players compete on in this Mini-Game seems to be a reincarnation of the Statue of Liberty, one of the most famous landmarks in the world.

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