Coin-op Bop

Coin-op Bop
MP7 Coin-opBop.jpg
Coin-op Bop as it is seen in Mario Party 7

Coin-op Bop is a one vs three coin collecting mini-game found in Mario Party 7. It consists of the three players and the single player standing in front of a vending machine. Each player must press the correct button that appears over their head to make a coin come out of the vending machine. The single player has to press a sequence of buttons while the three players only have to hit one apiece. If one of the players presses the wrong button a Bob-omb will fall on them stunning them for a short time. The single player will get three coins for pressing all the correct buttons, while the three players get one each for each button. At the end of the time limit both the one player and the three players will win. Unless one team has zero coins.

[edit] Controls

Both the one player and the three players press the same button(s) that appears on the vending machine.

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