Cloud 9

Cloud 9

Lakitu riding the Cloud 9 kart in Mario Kart 7.

Game Kart is in Mario Kart 7
Boosts Acceleration and Handling
Hinders Speed and Weight
How to Unlock Unlocked at random after acquiring a certain amount of coins.

The Cloud 9 is an unlockable kart body in Mario Kart 7. As its name implies, the Cloud 9 looks just like a standard cloud in the sky. The kart seems to be the signature kart for Lakitu, but anyone can use it. The kart offers a boost to Acceleration and Handling while hindering Speed and Weight. As such, heavyweights relish the boosts to their generally low Acceleration and Handling stats while having generally high Speed and Weight stats to offset the drops.

[edit] Stats

These take a character's base in each of the following stats and adds to or subtracts from them depending on the kart body used:

Speed= -0.5
Acceleration= +0.25
Weight= -0.25
Handling= +0.5
Off-Road= 0

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