Clockwork Castle

Clockwork Castle

Overview of Clockwork Castle board map during the night.

Game board is in Mario Party 6
Difficulty Level High
Star Space type Moving
Green Space Effect Varied
Availability Purchase in the Star Bank for 100 Stars to unlock it.

Clockwork Castle is one of the 6 board maps in Mario Party 6. This board is the hardest in the game and must be purchased in the Star Bank to be able to play on it in Party Mode. It features a courtyard, Brighton's temple, Twila's Airship, Warp Pipes, and the castle itself.
Most of this board relies on the day/night system. During the day, players move clockwise in an attempt to reach DK who would give players Stars for 20 coins. At night, however, players would move counterclockwise and need to avoid Bowser who would "award" players Shadow Stars that would steal 1 Star from a player.(20 coins if you had no Stars at the time) At the end of every turn during the day, DK would take a turn and give players he passed who had at least 20 coins a Star. If DK ate a banana, he would hit 2 Dice Blocks. Wherever he stopped would be where the Star Space would be for the next turn. Bowser would do the same at the end of each round of turns during the night. If he breathed fire, he would hit 2 Dice Blocks. Wherever he stopped would be where he would stay for the next round of turns.
Green Spaces had different effects depending on where it was landed on. Green Spaces near the bottom of the board would change the colors of the Warp Pipes which changed where players would end up after jumping into one. Landing on a Green Space behind Brighton's Temple would cause a UFO to suddenly appear and take the player back to the Start space. Landing on a Green Space behind Twila's ship would let the player fish for Orbs in the clouds.(as crazy as that sounds) Landing on Green Spaces in front of Brighton and Twila's homes would cause them to give the player a present in the form of Stars or Coins. Finally, the Green Space near the top would make the player spin a roulette of sorts to see if day would change to night(and vise versa) or if it would stay the same. There was a 50/50 chance for each. Also, only Green pipes are active at night while both red and green pipes are active during the day. Obviously, Brighton wouldn't appear in his house during the night while Twila would not appear during the day.

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