Classic NES Series: Dr. Mario

Classic NES Series: Dr. Mario
North American Front Cover
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Nintendo
Release Date JP May 21, 2004
NA October 25, 2004
EU January 7, 2005
Rating E
Players 1-2

Dr. Mario was released as a part of Nintendo's Classic NES series back in 2004 to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Famicom. Dr. Mario is a arcade puzzle game released by Nintendo.

[edit] Background

In this game you must destroy viruses by matching up the colours (yellow, red, blue) with opposing, bi-polar pills. With each stage you complete, more viruses fill the bottle, and with it the difficultly increases until you get a game-over. With gameplay similar to Tetris, it's a perfect - and addicting - game for puzzle fans.

[edit] Controls

Down button - Make blocks go faster
A or B button - Spin blocks around
Start - Pauses game

[edit] Gameplay

Similar to tetris, you will destroy viruses by matching up pills such as red, yellow and blue to the color virus. Once you clear the level of viruses you get to go onto a harder stage.

You can select how hard your stage is, and other things like how many viruses there are on the stage and the speed.

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