Chomp Romp

Chomp Romp

Wario, Mario, Waluigi, and Daisy playing Chomp Romp.

Game Mini-Game is in Mario Party 5
Objective Guide your Chain Chomp to the finish first to win.
Mini-Game type 4-Player
Time Limit None
Mini-Game Decathlon Event? Yes

Chomp Romp is a 4-Player Mini-Game in Mario Party 5. It is set in what appears to be a playground. It features a slide, swing set, and benches which are all common things in playgrounds. Shy Guys are seen using many of the features. There is also a nice, round fountain that can be found at the end. This can prove to be quite the challenging obstacle to get around though when you're trying to get to the end.


[edit] Objective

The main goal is to get your Chain Chomp to the finish first. To make the Chain Chomp move, you simply must use a special whistle that you have for this Mini-Game. The Chain Chomp will hear it and make a beeline toward the sound. After hitting an object, like a bench or swing set, the Chain Chomp will stop in its tracks and won't move until the player uses the whistle again. The first player to guide their Chain Chomp to the finish line will win the game.

[edit] Mini-Game Decathlon

The Objective changes slightly in the Mini-Game Decathlon. While you still have to get your Chain Chomp to the finish line as quickly and efficiently as possible, all players must guide their Chain Chomp to the finish line for the game to end. Points are awarded based on the amount of time it took for each player to complete the Mini-Game, so don't quit just because you weren't the first to finish.

[edit] Advice

Do not let the Chain Chomp hit you. If it does, you will become stunned and lose valuable time to the other players. If you think that Chain Chomp will hit an obstacle before getting to you, recalculate the angle quickly before blowing the whistle. The key is getting the most distance toward the finish line with each blow of the whistle. Be fast, but be efficient as well. Also be careful around the round fountain near the end. Make sure you angle the whistles so you don't block you or your Chain Chomp in.

[edit] Controls

  • Control Stick = Move
  • A Button = Blow whistle
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