Choco Island 1

Choco Island is the first course of the Flower Cup in Super Mario Kart. The course is really short, but there are a few obstacles such as the Piranha Plants on the side of the course. There is also mud, which makes it harder to steer. Driving off the main course causes the player to slow down. As the name suggests, most of the course is a chocolate colour.

[edit] Layout

The course immediately bends slightly to the left and then a U-Turn left. There are then small bumps in the course which is hard for large karts to steer through. There is then another turn left and a straight path with more small bumps. The course then again turns left, as the course widens. There is a slight turn left, a slight turn right, where the slippery mud is. Be careful in this area, especially large kart users. There are more bumps, before the turn left heading to the home straight.

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