Cheep Cheep Shot

Cheep Cheep Shot
Cheep Cheep Shot.png
Cheep Cheep Shot as shown in Mario Party 9.

Cheep Cheep Shot is a Boss Minigame that appears in Mario Party 9. Players must simply grab shells and fire them at Cheep Cheep while avoiding his attacks. Occasionally he will attempt to tackle a player. Each successful hit on Cheep Cheep will earn you three points, while getting damaged by Cheep Cheep will cause you to lose one point.

When Cheep Cheep's life bar reaches its midpoint, he will swim more quickly, as well as perform a new attack in which he heads above the players and dive towards them. The player who gets the most points will win the minigame and obtain the most Mini Stars.

[edit] Controls

Hold The Wii Remote sideways.

  • Tilt the Wii Remote in the direction you want your character to move. Steer into a shell to pick it up. Press 2 to throw the shell.
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