Cheep Cheep

Cheep Cheep
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A Cheep Cheep .
First Appearance Super Mario Bros.
Latest Appearance Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Cheep Cheep`s are red, green or yellow fish enemies found in many titles in the Mario series. Their size consists of small, medium, and large. They are relatively stocky with short fins and large lips. They typically swim back and forth or just in one direction under water with only one goal in mind, run into Mario and cause try to cause damage to Mario via health or a live. They also may jump out of the water to attack Mario on land.


[edit] Game History

[edit] Super Mario Series

[edit] Super Mario Bros.

In this game Cheeps Cheeps swim around under water trying to cause lost lives for Mario, they can be defeated with a shell or fireballs. They also will jump up at the player on land, these can be jumped on to defeat them. In all the other Super Mario Bros. games, he plays the same roles.

Two green Cheep Cheeps in Super Mario World

[edit] Super Mario World

Cheep Cheeps roles are the same in this game as the Super Mario Bros. Series with him swimming around under water and jumping on land at Mario

A Cheep Cheep as it appears in Super Mario 64 DS

[edit] Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS

Two large Cheep Cheeps are encountered during the one level Dire Dire Docks in the remake of Super Mario 64 Super Mario 64 DS. They are seen swimming around in the lake at a fairly fast pace. Though they are large they are also fairly easy to avoid. Mario will of course lose some health if he swims into them.

A Cheep Cheep as they appear in both Galaxy games

[edit] Super Mario Galaxy

Cheep Cheeps are quite rare in the Wii title Super Mario Galaxy and only appear at or around the Deep Dark Galaxy. They are encountered on a small planet that orbits the Deep Dark Planet, they are relatively large and bounce around across the planet in shallow water. Mario will lose health if hit and can defeat them by spinning or jumping on them. Cheep Cheeps are also rarely encountered in the deep waters of the galaxy. A shell can defeat him while under water.

[edit] Super Mario Galaxy 2

Cheep Cheeps reappear in the sequel Super Mario Galaxy 2 where they are more commonly encountered. They are about the size of Mario and swim on the surface of the water rather than under water. They attack Mario by running into him, overall they are pretty easy to avoid because they swim in circles or straight lines, and do not try to charge Mario. They can be defeated by using Yoshi who can eat them, or with a well aimed shell.

[edit] Super Mario Sunshine

In Super Mario Sunshine Cheep Cheeps are relatively rare but are still encountered often enough. Some are seen jumping out of the water at Ricco Harbor which Yoshi can than spray juice at, which in turn changes them into moving platforms for Mario to move across. Mario must be careful not to crash into them or he will lose health. A more typical Cheep Cheep is encountered off the beach at Gelato Beach, he is seen under the water and if Mario swims close enough he will catch him in his mouth and drag him under water trying to drown Mario. He does not take any health however and the only way he could defeat Mario is if he keeps him under water long enough. But he is pretty easy to get away from.

[edit] New Super Mario Bros.

Cheep Cheeps make a very common return in the 2D game New Super Mario Bros. for the DS. He is encountered in every or almost every underwater level in the game. He also will jump out of the water to attack Mario on land in some levels. Under water he swims towards Mario in schools or alone, he is both red and green in this game. The schools are sometimes led by a very large Cheep Cheep that is typically green. They can be defeated with fire balls.

A school of Cheep Cheeps as they are seen in New Super Mario Bros. Wii

[edit] New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Cheep Cheeps return in the water levels for New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Their roles are pretty much the same as New Super Mario Bros., swimming towards Mario in the levels. Large schools of Cheep Cheeps containing larger amounts than in the DS are fairly common. They appear in all three color variations in this game and also appear in two different sizes, one medium and one small. Crashing into them can result in lost lives. They also will jump out of the water and attack Mario in select levels.

Cheep Cheeps as they appear in Super Mario 3D Land

[edit] Super Mario 3D Land

It is confirmed that medium red Cheep Cheeps will be making an appearance in the upcoming Mario title for the 3DS Super Mario 3D Land. They are seen in the E3 trailer jumping out of the water into Mario's path while he progressing over a dock above water. They also make an appearance in at least a few other levels as well, including at least a couple underwater levels.

[edit] New Super Mario Bros. 2

Cheep-Cheep also appears in, New Super Mario Bros. 2. When Mario or Luigi are close, they will attempt to jump out to attack them. If Mario touches a Gold Ring, then the Cheep-Cheeps will become golden and while they swim, they will leave a row of five coins to collect. Both red and green Cheep Cheeps appear in this game with the red ones swimming in lines or circles, and the green ones swimming towards Mario if he swims close by.

[edit] Paper Mario Series

[edit] Paper Mario: Sticker Star

A very large red Cheep Cheep is confirmed to be in the upcoming game Paper Mario: Sticker Star.

[edit] Mario Kart Series

Cheep Cheeps are seen as obstacles in a few Mario Kart Series tracks throughout all of the games. Typically the beach courses are where they are encountered. Crashing into one will result in spinning out and slowing down. The list is a following of Mario Kart tracks in which Cheep Cheeps appear, and their roles based on game title. the retro courses for newer games from older tracks that have Cheep Cheeps will not be listed.

[edit] Super Mario Kart

Koopa Beach 1 is the first course in this game where Cheep Cheeps are encountered. Crashing into them will result in slowing down. The second course they appear in is Koopa Beach 2. Where their roles are the same.

[edit] Mario Kart 64

Cheep Cheeps make no track appearances in Mario Kart 64.

[edit] Mario Kart: Super Circuit

The only track in which Cheep Cheeps make an appearance in this game is the track Cheep-Cheep Island. However in this track Cheep Cheeps are seen jumping in the background and not encountered as obstacles.

[edit] Mario Kart: Double Dash

Cheep Cheeps make no appearances on tracks in this game.

[edit] Mario Kart DS

The only course in which Cheep Cheeps appear in Mario Kart DS (aside from retro course(s) is Cheep Cheep Beach . At high tide some Cheep Cheeps are washed onto the track, crashing into them will result in slowing down.

[edit] Mario Kart Wii

In the course for Mario Kart Wii Koopa Cape there is a large glass sided underwater pipe as part of the course. While driving through this, large Cheep Cheeps are seen swimming in the water that surrounds the pipe.

[edit] Mario Kart 7

Cheep Cheeps have been confirmed to play a role in at least one Mario Kart 7 track. The track is seen in the Mario Kart 7 trailer as having an underwater portion which contains rather large red Cheep Cheeps. The Cheeps Cheeps are swimming in the same area of water that the racers are racing through, so it is assumed that they are an obstacle.

[edit] Mario Party Series

The following list is the amount of minigames and boards that Cheep Cheeps appear in during Mario party games.

[edit] Mario Party

No minigames or boards feature Cheep Cheeps in the first Mario Party.

[edit] Mario Party 2

In the 4-player minigame Abandon Ship players must try to climb up the mast(s) of a sinking ship to reach the top. Cheep Cheeps are seen here jumping out of the water. When players run into the Cheep Cheeps they will be slowed down. No boards feature Cheep Cheeps in Mario Party 2.

[edit] Mario Party 3

A large Cheep Cheep appears in the minigame Cheep Cheep Chase In this 4-player minigame players must swim down a narrow stream and avoid the large Cheep Cheep that is chasing them. If a player falls behind they will be eaten by the Cheep Cheep and kicked out of the minigame. The board Deep Blooper Sea in Mario Party 3 has a few sea creatures surrounding the board with Cheep Cheeps among them.

[edit] Mario Party 4

In the 1 vs 3 minigame Fish n Drips you must press the right buttons that appear on screen to fill up your bucket as three players, or to use your pump as the single player to fill a large tank with water. Lakitu will come and drop a Cheep Cheep into the winners water tank.

In the 2 vs 2 minigame Cheep Cheep sweep the players on each team must work together to catch small Cheep Cheeps in a pool of water. Two different color Cheep Cheeps appear in this minigame with red Cheep Cheeps being worth one point and yellow Cheep Cheeps two points.

In the battle minigame Rumble Fishing the four players are fishing on a dock. You must press the A button as soon as possible after your controller rumbles. Whoever wins will catch the largest Cheep Cheep.

No boards in Mario Party 4 feature Cheep Cheeps.

[edit] Mario Party 5

In the 4-player minigame Fish Sticks players will be on a round dock with fishing polls sticking into the water in the middle of the dock. The object is to go up to the polls you see bending and catch Cheep Cheeps. Red Cheep Cheeps are worth one point while gold Cheep Cheeps are worth three points. The player who catches the most Cheep Cheeps wins.

In the 4-player minigame Fish Upon A Star players must run around a large star shaped platform floating in the air and try to punch and kick their rivals off. Various sized Cheep Cheeps will jump onto the star and create holes which players can fall through, along with making the platform smaller. The last one standing wins.

There is a stone statue of a Cheep Cheep in the Mario Party 5 board Rainbow Dream. It appears by an area of the the board that features a pond with lily pads growing on it.

Medium red Cheep Cheeps make a pretty big appearance in the board Undersea Dream, as the name suggests this board is under the sea. Cheep Cheeps here run the the shops which are located by ? spaces. When a player lands on one of the spaces they will have a chance to get a Capsule from the Cheep Cheep running the shop.

[edit] Mario Party 6

No minigames or boards feature Cheep Cheeps in Mario Party 6.

[edit] Mario Party 7

In the mic 1 vs 3 minigame Be My Chum the single player can call a school of Cheep Cheeps to try and run into the other three players who are swimming in the water.

In the duel minigame Mad Props Cheep Cheeps are seen swimming under the water and pose no threat.

Again in the duel minigame Gimme A Sign Cheep Cheeps are seen swimming under the water and pose no threat to the players.

In the duel minigame Bridge Work the players are running around on a bridge over a river. The players must avoid the large, medium, and small Cheep Cheeps that jump out of the river onto the bridge. The player who lasts the longest wins.

In the duel minigame Fish And Cheeps the players are swimming in a river and must avoid the Cheep Cheeps swimming toward them. Last one still in the water wins.

The board that features Cheep Cheeps in Mario Party 7 is the Grand Canal. If a player lands on the ? space atop the leaning building over the water they will be dumped off. Instead of hitting the water however large red Cheep Cheeps will squirt a jet of water at the player from underneath to keep them airborne on their way back to the start.

[edit] Mario Party 8

In the 2 vs 2 minigame Rowed To Victory Cheep Cheeps are seen swimming under the water and pose no threat to players. However at the end of the minigame the loser team is being chased by one large Cheep Cheep and two small ones.

No boards feature Cheep Cheeps in Mario Party 8.

[edit] Mario Party 9

One Giant Cheep Cheep serves as a boss during the events of the board Blooper Beach. He is fought in the boss mini-game Cheep Cheep Shot, and can be defeated with green shells. He also will attack the players.

Small Cheep Cheep's appear in the mini-game Pianta Pool where they jump through hoops to give the players points. Also they appear in Pier Pressure which is a luck mini-game in which players must select a fishing pole and hope to get a Cheep Cheep.

Also a picture of a Cheep Cheep is featured in the mini-game Jigsaw Jumble.

[edit] Mario Party DS

Cheep Cheeps play a big role in the minigame Cheep Cheep Chance which is a fifty fifty minigame. The tiny players are standing on an inner tube that has ropes attached to it. Half of the robes have Cheep Cheeps on the ends, and half don't. Any players who are lucky enough to get a Cheep Cheep on their chosen rope will win. Up to all four players can win if they are lucky enough.

The second and last minigame in which Cheep Cheeps appear in this game is Cheep Chump In this battle minigame players swim to avoid the Cheep Cheeps that come up to the surface. When the Cheep Cheeps come to the surface they will create a whirlpool or vortex with their mouths which results in players getting sucked in. Players can try to swim away when getting caught near the vortex by pressing the A or swim button rapidly. The last one in the water wins.

No boards feature Cheep Cheeps.

[edit] Mario Party Advance

In Mario Party Advance the player is holding a fishing poll and must reel in a Cheep Cheep before time runs out. In order to reel in the Cheep Cheep you must press buttons in the correct order.

In the Mushroom Pool area a Cheep Cheep is the coach of the Swimmin Wimp game.

[edit] Mario Tennis Open

Cheep-Cheep would be one of the five Chance Shots in Mario Tennis Open. The icon for this chance shot would be yellow and can be activated by pressing X or A then B buttons. It will create a curving extreme lob that will bounce to the back of the court. There can also be a Tennis Racket unlocked for 1,400 coins, a Uniform for 700 coins, wristbands for 550 coins, and shoes for 500 coins after they appear after completing a match,

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