Characters (SM64DS)


These are the characters found in the game.

[edit] Main Characters


Yoshi is one of the four playable characters of the game, and the one you begin the game with. Yoshi lacks the physical power of the other characters, but brings several unique abilities to play. Yoshi can swallow enemies, perform a bicycle kick jump (giving longer airtime) and, with the aid of a flower, can breathe fire.


Mario is one of the four playable characters of the game, and is the first you can unlock and must unlock. Mario is the all-rounder of the group, possessing no additional abilities from the original game. Mario can claim one of two abilities from red boxes, depending on the location. He can either gain wings for flight, or a flower which inflates him like a balloon, allowing him to climb to new heights. He is also the only one that can wall jump.


Luigi is one of the four playable characters of the game, and is the second to be unlocked. Luigi is slightly weaker than his brother, but makes up for it by being more agile. Special traits include a spinning backflip and a short water run. Flower items give Luigi the invisibility ability, protecting him from harm and allowing him to pass through many obstacles.


Wario is one of the four playable characters of the game, and is the last to be unlocked. Slower and less agile than any of the others, Wario relies solely on his brute strength. Because of his muscle Wario can smash through obstacles the others cannot. By using a flower item Wario can turn into living metal, which protects him from most damage, allows him to survive without breathing and to walk underwater.


The princess of the castle. She had sent an invitation to Mario, which started the events. She had since gone missing. The goal of the game is to rescue her. She is also known as Princess Toadstool.


There are numerous Toad servants trapped in the walls around the castle. Talking to them can yield valuable hints needed. Some were even able to get hold of some Power Stars for you.


King of the Koopas, Bowser is the antagonist of the game. He's the one that stole the Power Stars and created the painting worlds. Bowser will only acknowledge Mario, and will refuse to allow any of the others to fight him until Mario has defeated him in that world. In the last world, Bowser will always fight only Mario.

Credit goes to Insanity Prevails for providing this information.

[edit] Secondary Characters

Pink Bob-Omb

Unlike their black counterparts these bombs are friendly. They are the ones that open the cannons in a stage or help to locate red coins in a stage.

Koopa the Quick

A runner in training, Koopa can't help but challenge Mario when he sees him. Koopa appears a few times in the game, and is always interested in a race.

Lakitu (Camera)

This Lakitu is unlike others in the game, choosing to act as cameraman for the adventure. Thusly this Lakitu is rarely seen aside from a few cutscenes. He is also the one to alert Yoshi to the situation.


In certain stages owls are resting in trees, and will come out when disturbed. These owls can be grabbed, at which point they soar high and provide a flight for the player, with control over direction. They can only fly with a passenger for so long, meaning those that hang on too long will just be dropped at some point.


It seems the castle is suffering from an infestation of rabbits. Rabbits are often holding onto keys. Most rabbits give keys that unlock mini-games, but some rabbit keys unlock doors in the castle. Some rabbits will only appear for certain characters.


These birds are found on Cool Cool Mountain and Snowman's Land. On the mountain baby penguins wander lost, a mother looks around for her baby and one challenges you to a icy slide race. In Snowman's Land one is crossing the icy bridge, and offers shelter from the strong gusts.

Large Snowman

Unlike the others this snowman is friendly but is suffering a dilemma – he's lost his head! A reward is offered for leading his body to a new head, but although this snowman is friendly hitting into the rolling body is still damaging.

Lake Creature

A serene creature swimming around the underground lake in Hazy Maze Cave. This creature will not attack, and is needed to reach a certain ledge. Getting onto the head may require a quick pound on the back, which causes him to lower his head partly into the water for a time.

Giant Snowman

A seriously oversized icy snowman, he forms part of the Snowman's Land stage. He doesn't like people on the icy bridge and will try to blow anyone off it. This attack cannot be stopped, so finding a way to shield yourself from the gusts is the only way across.


Found on Tall Tall Mountain. Ukiki steals the cap of whoever picks him up. Players must then catch him again to get their cap back. There is a second monkey on one of the star missions that leads you to the star if caught.

Credit goes to Insanity Prevails for providing this information

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