Chance Shot

Mario standing over the Blue chance shot.

Chance Shots are a type of shot that would first appear in Mario Tennis Open. They are shots that are performed after an opponent performs a bad rebound. When this occurs, a small colored area will appear on the player's court with an enemy or item on it. The color of the symbol will match the color of the panel on the touch screen. To be able to perform one of these chance shots, they player will have to do a shot that corresponds to the colored area by pressing the correct button or button combinations or even touching the matching color on the touch screen. If they do not, it will just be a normal shot.

The player that is receiving the Chance Shot will appear the special effects from the item or enemy and may hinder their attempt to lob the ball back to their opponent. But they can lessen the effect of the Chance Shot by pressing the opposite shot. For example, if the player performs a red Chance Shot, then the effect can be lessen if the opponent performs a blue shot.

Here is a list of Chance Shots:

Color Icon Effect
Red Fire Flower Will create a flaming shot that will drastically push the opponent back.
Blue Blooper Will create a high curve ball that leaves a blue trail. The opponent will spin out of control for a brief moment.
Purple Star Will create a stronger Smash Shot.
Yellow Cheep-Cheep Creates a curve extreme lob with a bounce at the back of the court.
Gray Bob-omb Creates a low drop shot.

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