Chain Chomp Sprint

Chain Chomp Sprint

Wario, Daisy, Waluigi, and Toadsworth playing a game of Chain Chomp Sprint.

Game(s) Mini-Game is in Mario Superstar Baseball
Objective Collect the most gems in 60 seconds.
Hosting Stadium Wario Palace

Chain Chomp Sprint is a mini-game from Mario Superstar Baseball that is played at Wario Palace. It's a 4-player mini-game that features a Chain Chomp in the middle of the infield. In Challenge Mode, you challenge 3 Magikoopas when you play this mini-game. Blooper Baserun replaces this mini-game in Mario Super Sluggers.

[edit] Rules and Objective

The basic objective in this mini-game is to collect the most gems while the Chains Chomp is sleeping. The more gems you collect, the faster you start to run. To move forward, simply press the Y button. Press the X button to move in the opposite direction. When the Chain Chomp wakes up, you must stop moving at all costs. To do this, simply press the X button once if you are moving forward(for example, from 2nd base to 3rd base) and press the Y button once if you are moving in the opposite direction.(for example, from 2nd base to 1st base) Failure to stop will result in Chain Chomp blasting you up close and personal. This will cause you to lose half of the gems you have collected up to that point. Stopping gets harder to do the more gems you have since they increase your foot speed. If you run into a Mushroom on the field, you run much, much faster than normal for a short time. This can obviously backfire if the Chain Chomp wakes up while you're under the effects of a Mushroom since it will be nearly impossible to stop in time. Within the 60-second time limit, there are 2 red gems that will show up at one of the bases. These are worth 10 normal gems and can easily influence the results of the mini-game. Also, there will be groups of 5-7 gems that will show up as well. These appear more frequently as time begins to run low. In the first 3 levels, there is a 60-second time limit while the Special Level has a 90-second time limit. It is advised to use a Speed character like Yoshi or Diddy Kong.

[edit] Mini-game Levels

  • Mushroom Level- Acquire at least 20 gems and win the game.
  • Flower Level- Collect at least 30 gems and win the game.
  • Star Level- Gain at least 40 gems and win the game.
  • Special Level- Get the most gems within the time limit to win the game.

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