Cavern of the Metal Cap

This is for the N64 Version. If you're looking for the DS version, try here!

Cavern of the Metal Cap
The entrance of Cavern of the Metal Cap
Star Missions Collect 8 Red Coins

The Cavern of the Metal Cap is a cave in Super Mario 64 that contains the Metal Caps ! Switch. The entrance to the course can be found in Hazy Maze Cave in the underground lake behind a double door which Mario can access by riding on Dorrie's head. Inside the door will be a small hallway and at the end will be pool of metal(much like the entrance to Hazy Maze Cave), which will transport you to this course. If Mario gets sucked into the water and dose not get out in time, he'll slide from the waterfall into the moat outside the castle. In Super Mario 64 DS, the area was renamed Behind The Waterfall and there's a second star, accessed by Mario using his balloon ability.

[edit] Stars

[edit] Star 1: Collecting 8 Red Coins

The 8 Red Coins are scattered across the course. Several of them are below the waterfall leading into the stream and the only way to reach them is by becoming Metal Mario. Two Red Coins are right near the Metal Cap switch island. Two more are right beside the Metal Cap switch. Once all 8 are collected, the Power Star will appear the Star Marker underneath the water near the Metal Cap switch. A circle of Yellow Coins surround it. In the DS version, Metal Wario can get the star.

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