The Cake is a sweet baked dessert that would appear throughout the Mushroom World and the Real World. It will often only feature one layer and be decorated with cream and strawberries. It can often be associated with Princess Peach, as she will bake Mario one when he rescues her.

[edit] Game History

[edit] Paper Mario Series

Cake PM.png
Appearances Paper Mario,Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
HP Restored 0/10
FP Restored 15/0
Damage Dealt 0

The Cake item would be made from the Cake Mix in Paper Mario. It is first made for Gourmet Guy in Shy Guy's Toy Box to continue on with the storyline. The Cake Mix is located in the playground area of the Toy Box. When the cake is used in battle or outside of battle, it will recover fifteen FP and also sell for fifteen coins in Star Haven.

When Mario gets the Frying Pan back from the Shy Guy that stole it, Tayce T. will make him a cake. After it is made, Tayce T. would make note that she used a Cake to win over her late husband. Peach would also make a Cake for Gourmet Guy in Chapter 4. She would have to use Butter, Cream, Flour, Milk, Salt, Strawberries and Sugar to make a cake that Gourmet Guy would eat. The ingredients would have to be done in order and heated in the oven for thirty seconds.

It would return in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Mario would have a Cake delivered to him while in the Glitz Pit by a fan. If Mario eats it, his stats will be completely restored. Later on in the Glitz Pit, another "fan" would give Mario a cake. His partner would eat the cake first and fall ill. So Mario would have to do the next fight alone. He would later find out at the battle with Rawk Hawk, that Rawk Hawk had tricked them into eating the poison cake. If Mario chooses not to eat the cake, Shellsock will eat it instead and will either say it tastes really good or gets poisoned.

Throughtout the Paper Mario Series, various types of cakes will appear like the Choco Cake, Couple's Cake, Fruity Cake, Mousse Cake, Nutty Cake, Shroom Cake and Strange Cake.

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