Cackletta, the main Antagonist in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
Role Main Antagonist
Relations Fawful (servant)
First Appearance Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
Other Appearances None

Cackletta is the main antagonist of the game Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. Her minion is Fawful, who helps in her goal to rule the Beanbean Kingdom. She starts the game off by entering the castle as an "ambassador", and robs Princess Peach's voice for her evil deeds.

[edit] First Battle

In your first battle with Cackletta, which is located in Woohoo Hooniversity, she will start out in a large, monster-like form, with dark holes and lightning around her. These will shoot at you. Jump over them, or else you will fall in them and take damage after her turn is over. One of her attacks is raising her arm, then shooting lightning at you. Jump first with the person who her arm is pointing at, and then the other. This will allow you to dodge. If she raises both arms, jump once with both brothers. One of her attacks will allow her to split into 3. Watch her shadow before she forms back, and the biggest one will be the one you need to attack. If you get the wrong one, it will turn into bats and come after you. At the end of the battle, she will perform the Dark Hole attack again, so dodge those. Jump on her when it's over, and the battle will end.

[edit] Second Battle

First Form
The battle starts out against Bowletta, a version of Cackletta inside Bowser's Body. In the beginning, she'll start shooting fireballs at you. Jump over them, but don't jump on them. Some will stay be her, which are later used to heal her. Use Cyclone Bros. on the fireballs, and have Mario hit her with a strong attack. Sometimes, a box will appear above your heads. Jump and hit them until they disappear, and when Bowletta shoots flames at you, then you jump. Just keeping beating down on her, and she may turn black. If she does this, don't jump on her, only hit her with your hammer. She will shoot stars at you as well, which you need to hit back. Red means they are going to hit Mario, Green means they are going to hit Luigi, and purple you can just ignore.

Second Form
This battle starts with both of the brothers at 1 hp, so you die if you get hit by one of her first attacks. She can use any of them, but for me she shot a ball above my head, which you had to hit with one of the brother's hammers as it gets closer to you. It will then be destroyed after 3 or 4 hits. When you are done, you can either heal the brothers or attack her. Start by destroying her arms, then go for her head. For one of her attacks, she will reach out with her arms, and the brothers will need to hit it back. She can also increase the stats of one of her body parts. When you get rid of her head, you need to take out the heart. Don't attack any of the body parts, since she can just bring them back now. When she grows them all back, she will continue attacking normally, but you need to focus on her heart. Now, her next attack is a flame attack. She will lift one of her fingers, and two fires will appear on the ground. Mario and Luigi need to jump over these. Then she will lift another of her fingers and a ball of lightning will appear in front of you. Hit it with one hammer, then the other. One attack is her moving her arms back and forth. She will raise one, and lower the other. Jump over the lowered one, but don't jump when the higher one is above you. You WILL get hit. When she gets weaker, she can summon a ghost Fawful, who can be taken out with the hammer. If you don't get rid of it, it will shoot you. Another of her attacks is shooting lasers out of her eyes. Watch her eyes before she shoots at you. If one goes down, jump with the brother that it is going down nearest to. And, when she's finally dead by you tearing down at her heart, then you've beaten the game.

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