Bumper Balls

Bumper Balls
Level Two of Bumper Balls
Ice Bumper Balls
World One
Levels 3
Players 4
Time Limit One Minute (60 Seconds)
Controls Analog

Bumper Balls is one of the many mini-games in Mario Party 2. It consists of four players rolling around on balls that change appearance based on the player. Unlike Mario Party, Mario Party 2's version of Bumper Balls has three different levels that are picked based on which difficulty you play on (Easy, Normal, or Hard).

[edit] Level One

Level One is done on top of a stone pillar in the middle of a sea of lava. As it is the first level, and the easiest difficulty, there are no outside hazards that can effect the game's end result.

[edit] Level Two

Level Two is done on top of an icy mountain, where a Shy Guy froze up at the top. The difficulty is medium, for the ice makes the entire level slippery, so the result can be much more varied than Level One.

[edit] Level Three

Level Three is done on an island in the middle of the ocean. This level appears to be the most basic level, but is in fact more difficult, because the speed is tampered with through rocks and bumps on top of the isle. After a character is knocked off, they are carried away by a Blooper off into the sea.

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