Broque Monsieur

Broque Monsieur
Brirock ML3.jpg
Official Art
Species Living Block
Debut Appearance Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
Latest Appearance Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Broque Monsieur is a block character that was first introduced in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. He is an English speaking block that has a thick French accent and is able to speak French as well. He is the Mushroom Kingdom's leading block collector and likes to collect block-shaped kittens that are called Blitties. He also owns a block-shaped dog called Broggy and manages a store that allows Bowser to purchase healing items.

[edit] Game History

[edit] Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

Broque Monsieur
French Block Man Thing.png
Location Plack Beach
HP 158
Power 27
Defense 27
Speed 24
Experience 30
Coins 0
Items Mushroom
Gear None

Bronque Monsieur would be first seen stuck on an island that Bowser is passing by. He yells for Bowser's help, who only does it because there is a prize offered , the Vacuum Block. Bowser has to grab a rope and pull though at first Bowser is not able to make the island come closer but with the help from Mario and Luigi, who are inside his arms, he is able to pull the island to shore. Broque would then teach Bowser how to use the Vacuum Block by fighting him in a battle.

During the battle against Bowser, he would explain how the vacuum command works. Bronque Monsieur would attack by using items that he gets from the ? Blocks. Occasionally he will get a Mushroom that will recover 30 HP or sometimes he will get the Mega Mushroom and make himself bigger. When this happens, Bowser can counter by timing a punch at the right time. It will knock Broque far away from the battlefield. When Broque's body is trying to get his head back, Bowser will be able to punch it for extra coins.

In Giant Bowser's first battle in Dimble Wood, Broque will able with Broggy and keep saying "Big! Oui, so big!"

In the later part of the game, after Dark Bowser has unleashed the dark wind against the Mushroom Kingdom, Broque can be seen in a bubble with Toads and the Blue Paratroopas.

Broque owns a shop in the game where he will sell items to Bowser. His shops will be designed after a shape of a block that. Broggy would also own a second shop for Broque that will sell Bowser gear. These shops would be called "Shop Blocks". Broque can also release "Negative Ions" to restore Bowsers HP for 10 coins. When Bowser gives Broque 15 Blitties, Broque will allow Bowser to use Broggy as a special move called Broggy Bonker.

[edit] Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Broque Monsieur has been confirmed to make a return in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. He has been seen welcoming Mario, Luigi, and Peach to Pi'illo Island.

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