Bowser Jr. Breakdown

Bowser Jr. Breakdown
Bowser Jr. Breakdown.png
Bowser Jr. Breakdown as shown in Mario Party 9.

Bowser Jr. Breakdown is a Boss Minigame that appears in Mario Party 9 and is mandatory to play on the Bowser Station board map either on Solo or Party Mode. Players must hit a 1 - 6 Dice block and the number that appears will light up that amount of segments of the gauge at the top of the screen. They must light up specific segments to deal damage to Bowser Jr.

If you roll a number that does not fill the gauge to a multiple of three, the next player will roll and and continue filling up the gauge. If the gauge fills to a multiple of three(15 being the highest possible), they will damage Bowser Jr. and obtain the amount of points that corresponds to which multple of three the gauge has filled up to. If the gauge fills up to the Bowser Jr. icon, he will roll a 1 - 2 Dice Block and attack the player, causing him/her to lose points corresponding to the number Bowser Jr. has rolled. After a player has dealt damage to Bowser Jr., the gauge will empty and the process will repeat.

When Bowser Jr.'s life bar reaches its midpoint, he will add two more Bowser Jr. icons to the gauge at the top of the screen. If a player fills up the gauge to this icon at this time, Bowser Jr. will roll two 1 - 2 Dice blocks and attack the player, causing them to lose up to four points.

The player who earns the most points will win the minigame and obtain the most Mini Stars.

[edit] Controls

Hold The Wii Remote vertically.

  • Press A to hit the Dice Block.

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