Bowser Jr.

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Bowser Jr.
Bowser Jr. PMSS.png
Bowser Jr, Bowser's son
Species Koopa
Role Enemy, Playable Character
Relations Bowser
First Appearance Super Mario Sunshine
Latest Appearance Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Bowser Jr. is the youngest of Bowser's children. He is the only one of them to be liked so much by Bowser; he is seen with his father in several games as his side-kick. His looks also resembles his father more so than any of his other children. He has appeared in several games, such as Super Mario Sunshine, the Super Mario Galaxy series and the New Super Mario Bros. series. He is also in the Mario Party series (Some of which, he is playable, but some in which he is not playable).

[edit] Game History

[edit] Mario Tennis Series

[edit] Mario Tennis Open

Bowser Jr. would be one of the playable characters available from the start in Mario Tennis Open. He is a Tricky type character in the game. Players could purchase tennis gear that has his emblem and put them on their Mii character. Players could also unlock a Bowser Jr. costume after collecting 20 victory medals or defeating 20 people online.

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