Bowser Castle (Baseball Stadium)

Bowser Castle

Bowser Castle as it is seen in Mario Superstar Baseball.

Game(s) stadium is in Mario Superstar Baseball
Mario Super Sluggers
Field Effects Thwomps are on both sides of the outfield and will try to block baseballs from passing them. Fiery bubbles sometimes shoot up from the lava pits, burning any fielder struck by them.
Special Minigame played here Star Dash
Bowser Pinball


[edit] Basic Information and Features

Bowser Castle is an unlockable stadium that appears in Mario Superstar Baseball and Mario Super Sluggers. As the name implies, it is Bowser's home stadium. Like the Bowser's Castle courses from the Mario Kart Series, the Bowser Castle stadium features lava, Thwomps, and other obstructions for players. In challenge mode, if you chose Mario, Yoshi, DK, Peach, or Wario as your team captain, you would have to defeat all other teams and then come here to challenge Bowser's team. If playing as Bowser, then Mario and 8 other captains chosen at random would steal the stadium after Bowser defeats all of the other teams. He would have to challenge them to a game of baseball to get his stadium back. In Superstar Baseball, the Mini-game played here is Star Dash while, in Super Sluggers, the Mini-game played here is Bowser Pinball.

[edit] Mario Superstar Baseball

[edit] Appearance

Bowser Castle stadium is always dark and eerie-looking with lava, Thwomps, and almost anything else you could think of that Bowser would have in his own castle. Fielding is always treacherous in the outfield since the lava is concentrated out there. Large castle pillars are used to represent the foul poles in this stadium. There is a giant Bowser Statue that can be seen just over the center field wall. It's a very long stadium which makes hitting a Home-run difficult.

[edit] Field Effects

As briefly stated earlier, the lava and Thwomps are the main obstructions in this stadium. While Bowser has been kind enough to put a protective cage over the lava pits, that won't stop fiery bubbles from coming up through the cage and land on the field of play. These fiery bubbles will obviously burn any player that comes into contact with it. If the fielder that's burned is holding the baseball at the time, then they will drop it which will sometimes allow runners to advance an extra base. Thwomps are on both sides of the outfield. If a baseball is hit toward them, they will try to block the baseball from going past him, thus making an already difficult task of hitting a Home-run even harder.

[edit] Super Sluggers Stadium Upgrades

In Super Sluggers, it becomes even more dangerous for the outfielders. Now the fiery bubbles that land on the field of play will leave a small pool of lava, burning any fielder who comes into contact with it. A Big Bob-Omb is now riding the Koopa Clown Car while dropping Bob-ombs across the outfield. These will obviously stun fielders who come too close to them. That large Bowser Statue seen in Superstar Baseball is now at field level, allowing it to breathe fire to burn fielders who stray too close to it. On a side note, the background music that plays in Super Sluggers is a remixed version of the Castle BGM music that plays in New Super Mario Bros.

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