Bowser's Highway Showdown

Bowser's Highway Showdown
World 1-Castle, Bowser's Highway Showdown.png

World World 1
Appearance Super Mario 3D World
Previous Course Plessie's Plunging Falls

or Switch Scramble Circus

Next Course Conkdor Canyon

Bowser's Highway Showdown or World 1-Castle is the Castle of World 1 and the first of Super Mario 3D World. Ten Green Stars are required to enter this Castle. The castle is held over a large body of water. The common enemies in this course are the Goomba and the Thwomp, the latter which doesn't instantly kill you as it did in previous 3D games(Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2). At some sections, you're required to use the explosive soccer balls to destroy the brick walls, in order to progress. At the end of the course, you'll encounter Bowser.


[edit] Boss Battle

World 1 Boss: Bowser

Bowser appears and you'll battle him while he's in his vehicle, on a highway. He tosses explosive soccer balls, and occasionally fireballs, which leaves a pool of lava on the ground. You must hit the soccer balls back at Bowser to damage him. The more hits you land on Bowser, the more aggressive he gets, as he launches more fireballs. If you launch nine soccer balls at his vehicle, Bowser will be defeated, although he'll also go down if you managed to strike Bowser directly three times. Defeating him, will free the Green Sprixie Princess, who will create the path to World 2.

[edit] Green Stars Location

  • Green Star 1: At the beginning, you'll see a Star Ring. Hit it to temporarily reveal 8 green coins. Quickly grab them all before they disappear. If you collect them all, a Green Star will appear.
  • Green Star 2: Cat Mario is required to obtain the second Green Star. You'll see a cat wheel, which requires you to attack it multiple times. It will cause the platform to rise, allowing you to reach the Green Star.
  • Green Star 3: It's on a top of a stack of Goombas. Use the soccer balls to defeat the Goomba, allowing you to grab the final Green Star. Alternatively, you can use any power up and simply attack the Goombas, causing the Green Star to drop.

[edit] Stamp Location

Below the cat wheel is a set of Brick Blocks. Use the explosive soccer balls to break them, revealing the Stamp.

[edit] Enemies

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