Bowser's Gnarly Party

Bowser's Gnarly Party

Overview of Bowser's Gnarly Party board map

Game board is in Mario Party 4
Difficulty Level High
Star Space type Normal
Happening Space Effect Player is scorched with blue flames that destroy an item.
Availability Available in Party Mode after clearing map in Story Mode.

Bowser's Gnarly Party is one of the 6 board maps in Mario Party 4.The map was designed by Koopa Kid(AKA Bowser Jr.). He made it to honor Bowser's greatness and wanted players to have fun on it--- whether they wanted to or not is a different story though. As with most other Bowser-themed boards in the Mario Party Series, there's plenty of danger to avoid on this map.
The main attractions are two stone bridges and Bowser himself. When a player crosses a stone bridge, bits and pieces of it will fall. The 3rd time it is crossed, what remains of the bridge will totally collapse and the bridge will reform in a different direction. Bowser will always be somewhere on this map and he will change his place after someone gets a Star from Koopa Kid. When a player passes him, he will do something different depending on the player's current size. If the player is under the effects of a Mini Mushroom, then Bowser will use his fire breath to blast the player to a different space on the board. If the player is normal-sized, Bowser will steal half of his/her coins.(he'll give players without any 50 coins) If the player is under the effects of a Mega Mushroom, Bowser will challenge him/her to a special Mini-Game. It will either be Bowser Wrestling or Panels of Doom. If the player emerges victorious, then Bowser will leave the board until someone gets a Star from Koopa Kid. If the player looses, however, s/he will lose half of his/her coins.
There aren't many Happening Spaces on the board, but you'll want to avoid them anyway. Landing on a Happening Space will cause the Bowser head statue to fry the player with blue flames and destroy an item at random. Also, Bowser will sometimes use his magic to make all players become Mini for that round of turns.
As with all other MP 4 boards, there are 2 Mini-Games you can play if you pass by them under the effects of a Mini Mushroom. The first involves 3 boxes that will contain an item each. You will have to choose 2 boxes that will be locked by Koopa Kid before he will give you the remaining item. The other requires the player to stop a Bullet Bill with his/her bare hands(yes, you read right) The less distance it covers, the more coins you get. Repeatedly press A to hold it back.
In Story Mode, after emerging victorious in a standard 15-turn Battle Royal match, Bowser will challenge you to a Mini-Game in order to win his present. If you are successful, you will unlock this map for use in Party Mode.

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