Bowser's Enchanted Inferno!

Boser's Enchanted Inferno!

Overview of the Bowser's Enchanted Inferno! board map.

Game board is in Mario Party 7
Difficulty Level Hard
Star Space type Normal
Green Space Effect Varied
Availability Unlocked by defeating Bowser in a special mini-game in Story Mode.

Bowser's Enchanted Inferno! is one of the board maps featured in Mario Party 7. It comes with the usual things that come with a Bowser-themed board. A sea of lava, numerous traps on Green Spaces, and a fairly complex layout. Spiky Goombas where in charge of the Orb Shops while Koopa Kids were in charge of the attractions. The Green spaces had various effects, most of which came at a price should you not be successful in the special event it triggered. The Green Space next to the pedastals over the lava would trigger a special game called "Happy Hopscotch Grounds". If the player could make it through the 3 sets of 2 pedastals safely, s/he would win a Star. However, should one of the pedestals sink into the lava, the player would lose 10 coins. The Green Space on the far left island allowed the player to hop on a roller coaster to gain coins along the way toward the lower part of the island. The Green Space on the lower part of the same far left island would cause Klepto to appear and change the location of the Star. Landing on the Green Space next to the Mecha Bowser is strongly dis-advised as it will proceed to scorch everyone in range with strong flames and cost each player 10 coins. The Green Spaces on either side of the top island would trigger an event where the player would battle Koopa Kid in a summo match. If the player was able to push Koopa Kid off the edge, s/he would win 20 coins. However, the player would lose 10 coins if Koopa Kid was able to push them off first. There is a Green Space next to a cannon on every island. Landing on these would cause Koopa Kid to throw the player into the cannon and blast them to another island at random.

During Bowser Time, Bowser may do the following things:

  • Sink the island where the current Star is located. All players on that island get sent back to Start after losing half of their coins and the island is impassable until the next Bowser Time 5 turns later.

In Story Mode, the player would have to simply go and grab a Star and race back to Start before the opponent. Once completed, Bowser would challenge the player to a special mini-game called Bowser's Lovely Lift!. Should the player emerge victorious, Bowser's Enchanted Inferno! will be unlocked in Party Mode.

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